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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Droste Effect?
It is the effect of a picture appearing within itself. You can find more information at this wikipedia article.
What devices work with HyperDroste?
You can use HyperDroste v1.1 on your iPhone 4s or any newer iOS device. iOS 7.1 or later is required.
How can I adjust the duration of the exported video or animated GIF?
You can adjust the duration by changing the number of repetitions (loops) in the export dialog. HyperDroste will always export looping videos or gifs (in other words, the first frame will match the last one).
How can I adjust the aspect ratio of the exported image/video?
For simplicity, HyperDroste always exports media in the square format. If a different aspect ratio is required, you can always crop the exported media using an external program.
There are three options in the Shape tab: Circle, Rectangle and AlphaMask. Which one should I chose?
It depends on your scene and the effect that you want to achieve. If we call "droste region" the area of the original photo where you expect the photo to appear again, then: The circle and rectangle options work best when the droste region has the same aspect ratio as the original pgoto. The Alpha Mask option does not have such a restriction.

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