Hyper Droste.  The Droste Effect for your iPhone.

The Droste Effect for your iPhone

HyperDroste lets you quickly and easily apply the Droste Effect on your photos and turn them to infinite looping animations. Export your creations as video, animated GIFs or still images and post them to social media directly from the app.


[Update: HyperDroste is no longer available for download]

Hyper Droste. The Droste Effect in your pocket.


What is the Droste Effect?

The droste effect refers to an image that appears within itself recursively, like the example on the left. In this "spiralling form", it was first popularized back in 1956 by M.C. Escher, a famous Dutch artist, with his work named “Print Gallery”.

Example Videos

These infinite zooming videos were created using HyperDroste.


screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4

Images Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds, Goran Djukanovic, Dirima, Ollyy / Licensed through Shutterstock.
Additional photos under CC-BY 2.0: Gabriela Pinto, Rachael Towne, fdecomite.